Import tape .aif tracks at tape speed (not 100% speed)?

Am I missing something? If the tape speed is slower it still imports the four tracks at full speed. Is there a way to import them at the tape’s speed or no?

The underlying .aif audio files are 6 minutes long with specific bitrate and all that – this is never affected by the OP-1. What the “tape speed” does is affects the speed at which the .aif files are played and recorded to. The same data and all that is still sitting there behind the scenes. So if you record at half-tape speed for 12 minutes, you will end up with a double-speed audio file that is 6 minutes. This also means that if you use a slower speed for recording, you are reducing the quality of the audio when recorded. As in, 12 minutes of audio in a 6 minute span means that your audio only has half the amount of data that it would have at 100% tape speed.

Oh, and to answer your question, you would need to adjust the playback speed in whatever audio program you are using. Something like Ableton Live should automatically detect the tempo from the sound file, but then you would need to change the settings so that the actual playback speed and tempo are adjusted, not just the tempo (as this will be playing back at the wrong pitch).

Ahh I understand. Very helpful, thanks a lot!!

You’re welcome! The whole tape-album-aif thing seems to cause a lot of confusion. That’s why I just never mess with tape speed. So then I don’t have to do any extra work later for Ableton.