Important for all op-1 owners!

I wanted to just ask you all something, so I take my op-1 everywhere possible and of course, without the proper protection case it got banged up bad such as my keys broke! So while replacing my keyboard I thought I’d buy a case as well, but that darn case costs 70 euros! Wtf? Now being a designer I thought to myself that I can easily make one for a fraction of the cost of the same quality and use reaaaaaly good foam to protect it from all sides too.

But it costs a lot of money to get inventory without really knowing if you guys would buy one or need one in the first place, so here I am, asking you all if an inexpensive (25 euro or so) case would be something you’d buy for your beloved op-1. If I can get a 100 pre-orders then it’s on! I’ll go do the legwork and make them.

Oh and yea, from every case I’d sell I’ll donate a share of it to send a girl to school In my city here in Pune, India.


I would be in Hannan. I’m quite far away here in Buenos Aires-Argentina, but I believe a co-worker there in Pune might pick it up. Great idea!

If it’s a good design I’d buy it. Also if it’s a hard case.

+1 for a hard case.
I use the official case and the deck saver. Not bad but not perfect.

I’m interested in hard case only


i might be interested but i would need to see some pictures before committing.

I might be interested as well (would like to see pictures/design as well)

I’d definitely be interested if I saw some designs

yes please. Might I suggest to add a tiny bit of room for antenna and some cables.

and some lego bricks!

hard case for suree i’m in!

the soft case gives me anxiety but it has done a good job of protecting it

Then when everyone orders one you can buy the hardcase you originally wanted lol :smiley: lets see some design sketches or something…