Imported audio to tape track does not show up as region

When copying a ‘Track’ .wav file into a tape folder I experienced an odd bug. The track file plays in the tape but does not show up as a region visually, so can’t be edited further.

This happened when I recorded a mixdown to side A, then using a laptop, I renamed the recording as “track_4.wav” and dropped it in a tape folder on OP. When opening that tape I can hear the track properly, but it is not showing up graphically in the OP-1f interface.

Curious to hear if anyone else noticed this, and if there is a known way to fix it?

On the other hand, is there a way to import the mixdown into a single tape track without involving the laptop?

use ear and resample it back onto the tape

ear is life
ear is love
ear is forever


Thank you!

I was trying to capture something that was coming out of the tape which is playing at significantly lower speeds, and somehow couldn’t wrap my head around how to not have that captured exactly at the same speed as the initial recording… still unsure how to accomplish that.

In any case I was hoping there was some way to “lift” the record content and bring it to tape or sampler (the way lifted regions can be dropped into sampler for example).


You can bounce via album (COM page). So just record to album at low tape speed, then play back album and record with ear.


Aah! Thank you! Perfect: I did not know that album can be resampled.
This indeed does exactly what I was hoping for.

Meanwhile: anybody noticed the weird “invivible” sound in tape tracks when importing via laptop?