Importing loops to op-1

Hello, I am new to the OP-1 and I have a question - hopefully easy & I apologize if it’s something that has been asked a billion times.

I have a drum loop exported from DAW. I have saved the file name like this "80bpm_whatever_1.aif"

I made sure to export .aif because it did not seem like op-1 liked wav format.

I can now go into my drum sampler and I see my loop.

What is the absolute easiest way to set things up so that I can simply hold a key and this loop will play through until I let go? I basically just want to get 4 bars or so of this loop down to a track on the tape machine. I know I will need to set my bpm on the op-1 to match the bpm of the imported loop.

I saw a video on this technique where the guy was using endless sequencer to play through all the slices of the loop. I have tried that but I must be doing something wrong - my slices play in weird orders and it changes the loop completely.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

From memory, hit the first key on keyboard, hit T1 so you can see the waveform, turn green knob fully left, white knob fully right. Turn red knob until the ‘playback’ mode icon has a circular loop arrow thing. Now when you hold that key down you should get your full loop, looping. Hope that helps, I might be wrong about which screen/knob for actions tho… Sorry for any bad info!

Thank you! I messed around with it very briefly this morning and got better results than I was getting before. I think maybe my audio file is improperly trimmed and I’m all good on the op-1 side of things thanks to your help!

If you use the OP1 drum utility your loop will be perfectly trimmed.