Importing new samples on to OP-Z and old projects

Hi if I import new samples on to the drum and samples tracks 1-4 will my old projects not have the old factory samples and instead trigger the new imported samples? Is there no project memory for saving the samples within the project?

New to the OP-Z and haven’t tried it yet, couldn’t find my answer here, thanks in advance

It will trigger the new samples.

You do have 10 kits per track though and you can swap which kit your track uses by pressing the track button + a number.

Pattern and track sequence data is separate from what kit you select on op-z.

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Yes it will trigger the new samples. The way to get around this is to back up the entire OP-Z on your computer. Just select everything and copy it to a folder, then no matter what you have that exact set of patterns and samples. Then you can delete everything, drag these back in and you have that whole setup back. I try to do this every time I fill it up, that way I can go back to record songs I made, or make changes.