Importing patches/presets in the OP-Z

I tried yesterday to download some Synth patches from to import in the OP-Z. I’m basically looking to expand the number of presets available to have a bigger palette of “starting points”.

It didn’t work according to import.log because it was the wrong sample rate (the aiff files are 22khz, I think the Z is expecting 44khz). Just to mention, they were patches for the same OP-Z synth engines (all of them under packages called something related with OP-Z).

Has anyone managed to load presets into the OP-Z? If so, how?

Edit: resampling to 44khz only gets me as far as hearing “op1 patch” in the robotic voice. I’ve also used the OP-Z hack web tool another user in the forum put together.

You can’t load OP-1 “synth” patches into the OP-Z, only “sample” patches. The robotic voice is an indication of the former.

So there’s no way to load presets or patches in the OP-Z? Just sample-based synths and drums. Is that right? It seems a little weird, right?

I’ve been taking a look into some of the OP-1 patches I downloaded from and there’s a JSON object with all the patch parameters embedded as metadata in the AIFF file. The thing is that, even if reverse engineering the values to the OP-Z, some of the values are not even possible for the same synth engines, like the one I’ve been working on that sets the LFO to “value”.

It looks like the current implementation of the synth engines in the OP-Z is not compatible with the OP-1, although from a product perspective makes no sense whatsoever to me. It seems a little bit short of sight, specially after seeing it happen with the OP-1, not anticipating a great opportunity in having an ecosystem of packs and patches for the OP-Z.

Let’s pray to get this in a future firmware update.

Exactly, the engines are not compatible unfortunately. There is the obvious difference on the number of parameters (2 vs 4/8), but maybe they had other reasons, like keeping the products differentiated.

Just pasting here the official response from TE:

Unfortunately the OP-Z does not support OP-1 synth patches, as these contain settings for the OP-1 synth engines, these unfortunately are not compatible with the OP-Z.

The OP-Z does however support the import of OP-1 sampler patches, with synth sample patches on track 5-8 on the OP-Z and drum sample patches on track 1-4 on the OP-Z.

The support page you have linked had not been updated, but please rest assured that it has now been fixed.

Support page referenced:

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