Importing .wavs or .aifs onto the OP-1 unit

Hello all!

I was wondering, is there a way to do this? I am currently working the OP-1 into my live setup and I want to use my OP-1 unit as a 'sampler keyboard' (for note sounds, not drum sounds and i am wanting to import sounds onto my unit to I can play them at full scale.

Is there a way to do this? I am seeing that you can record external sounds via the jack but was hoping to deal with .wavs or .aifs for sound quality puroses live

try it? put a 16-bit/44.1kHz .aif file of 6 seconds or less in the Synth folder and see what happens?

I know I’ve made Tape tracks in my DAW and then dropped them into the right folder, just never tried it with Synth Sampler.

don’t do .wav though, aif or bust with the OP-1.

A month or so ago I had an internally re-sampled waveform in the synth sampler but I wanted to clean it up a bit. I copied the aif to my HDD and then opened it in Audacity, edited out the pop and then re-saved it as an aif (with the original name) and popped it back on the operator with no problems. When I did that, I noticed that the aif file in question retained some meta-data pertaining to ADSR settings and such. That meta-data was preserved throughout the process.

I haven’t tried simply saving an aif and importing to the sampler, but I did “trick” the OP1 by opening an existing aif patch file and replacing the actual audio data with something else. Again it went back in under the original name and the original meta-data was preserved.

If it is indeed possible to simply import an aif file that falls within the legal file size limitations, then the above steps were pointless but I guess I just had an intuition that the device would want that meta-data to be there.

Incidentally I also tried to copy audio direct to the album - just a short loop with the rest of the 5 minutes as silence (using the insert silence function). The resultant file size was 60.5MB (as the album always is regardless of how much “sensible” audio data it contains) but alas it would not play anything, despite the operator acknowledging that 1 file had been added and that the new file pertained to side B of the album.

Interesting that it doesn’t work with Album but does with Tape tracks @HelloOperator

re aiff “op-1” metadata chunk that holds preset data see here -

re tape - the op1 does maintain a separate list of where the takes are within the tape tracks. I assume something similar for the album, otherwise it wouldn’t know when to stop the record. if anyone has info on these, please post it.

This is some research I did about how to convert WAV files to .aif files that the OP-1 can handle. The TLDR is convert a 6-second-or-shorter WAV to mono aiff, name it something.aif (10 characters or fewer in filename excluding dot and extension), and put in the synth/user directory.

This was with firmware 00218.
This is some research I did about how to convert WAV files to .aif files that the OP-1 can handle.

{ … “base_freq”:440.0, … }

worth looking at this one, @sowbug , the OP1 imports sound files just fine, but, unless you steal an existing json chunk, tonal sounds always come mapped to root note A, rather than the more usual C. A simple utility that would stuff the correct value inside the json chunk would be great to have. Even better - something that would FFT the sound and see if it has base frequency corresponding to another note and set that frequency.

ps “knobs” are obviously misnamed engine_params for the synth/sampler engine, since fx_params, lfo_params, and adsr, are all there separately.

pps. macs have ‘afconvert’ and ‘say’ on the command line, no reason to download anything