In/out put/put

Hey guys

I’m working on my all battery powered setup.
Is there a way to get the usb/midi connection to work without a powered hub like the iConnect Midi?
All the usb/midi cables have no miniusb connection…


I think you can power a hub with one of those portable power packs you get for computers and mobiles. Have a search on here, there’s someone who has a setup just like that.

If you have an iPad, yes. My new mobile setup is this: iPad, Electribe 2, OP-1, Microgranny

I use the app ‘midiflow’ on the iPad to do this, but you kan do this with different apps. The iPad has a Camera Connection Kit and a generic USB Hub. The OP-1 and the iPad are plugged in the hub. Works like a charm.

I use a USB battery pack with my Oplab all the time, it also charges the OP1, you want at least 3000ma though.

^same but w/ my kenton usb midi host. which takes considerably less mA than that. (600 mA i think?) battery lasts forever

Thanks guys. Never thought of it that way…