Incorrect Keys Trigger Sequencer

I have a strange bug where there is a seemingly random chance that hitting the lower white keys (C,D,E) will trigger the sequencer button.

This is unfortunate because in the middle of playing a melody it will switch on the sequencer and mess up what I was try
ing to play, rendering my OP-1 completely useless in a live setting. The same area of white keys (C,D,E) has also triggered the “8 M2” button. It seems like a hardware issue.

I bought my OP-1 used about 4 months ago, the person said they used it for about 6 months. I have the latest software update.

Any ideas?

Jason Stam

It s a strange bug :frowning: Try a “hardware test” to see if everything is ok. Maybe a factory reset will cure it.
Good luck.

Mine does this once in a while too. It seems more likely if I’m playing chords or quick overlapping notes.

My M2 button isn’t working at all, so I’m hopeful that a keyboard swap will also address the sequencer triggering. Note to self: order replacement keys!