Increasing a track's step lengh


I want to increase the step length of a particular track from 2 to 4, I know I can do this with Track+Shift+4 but this spreads out the notes I’ve already recorded across the existing 2 bars over the 4 bars. So notes are longer and gaps are bigger. Is it possible to shift these notes into the first 2 bars of the new 4-bar track length? Or is there a better way to achieve this such as copying existing notes into a new pattern which has 4 steps?


The notes will always stay “in place”, you will have to copy/paste them individually to where you want them.

I fear this part is a common misunderstanding. You do not actually gain more bars/steps like in a DAW, but the sequencer plays at half/forth/eighth speed by which the steps become longer. The number of steps (and their resolution of 24 ticks per step) always stay the same.