Individual Step Length

Is there a way to program the individual length of a step? May be I am blind but it seems only possible to set the default length of a step via the track + shift settings. But can I also set the length for each step other than live recording?


hold the step and while holding, set the length on the grid when pressing a second trig, you’ll see a blue lights showing the length :pray:

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Thank you for the quick response @JohnnyEgo, this works really well for multipliers 1-16 (which is how I think it works).

But I noticed when looking at some of the provided sample tracks that some steps have a note length of 0.4 .

Do you have any idea how I could shorten the length of a note?

maybe the envelope settings should bring the last but necessary shortness :fist:t4:

I will try that @JohnnyEgo, may they just recorded live for such short notes?

the envelope should also shorten any existing notes down to a click.

but live recording is also a good way to go as long as they’re is no “zoom” feature for the laid steps.

If TE would consider a Tracker view in the App with all sub steps I would appreciate it somehow :slight_smile:

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