inestability after use Isopropyl alcohol in op-1

Hi everybody. First of all sorry my english. hehe i know some of you think that im stupid for make what i say in the title of this post . Yes , you are right hehe.

Sometimes i do stupid things . But … first let me tell you my story briefly :
Recently i purchased a “cleaning liquid” exclusive for cleaning electronic pieces like motherboard , perhaps some of you have used in your computer boards or something like that. Okey , i sprayed my computer with this liquid and in few minutes i turn the computer on and all is very well , all working okey. The same with a syntesizer i have , after few minutes i turned on and working perfectly. The same with my mobile phone , i sprayed in the holes (audio out , power connector) and working perfectly, I made the same with my mac computer (sprayed the liquid inside the sd card hole , inside the audio out hole … inside the keyboard) and working perfecly again. All my electric pieces have been sprayed with this liquid and works perfectly. Okey , Do you guess what happened now ?? hehe yes … yes … i sprayed my op-1 and …

… SHIIITTTTT , ooo shiiitt. Noooo!! i said NOoOOOOO my op-1 nooo pleaseeee !!! In the begining the op-1 didn´t boot up / start properly , i saw the “logo” but didn´t boot in the “tape main interface”. Holly shit , I wanted to die ! … after few minutes trying to start the machine (pressing the switch on / off) finally i could see the “test screen” pressing switch on + com buttom and i performed the test . Motherboard is 100% okey . All keys are perfectly. All test functions were okey. So i had a little hope . After few attempts the main tape interface / main screen turned up. Next day after doing several resets with the op-1 recovery-screen , the op-1 worked correctly and i was no more inestability problems.

Now i have some question , What do you think it happened ? Why the op-1 recovered after few hours / next day ? perhaps it was wet inside and it needed “to be dry” for working? all this is very strange . THe op-1 recovered itself !! ?? auto-cure ? like a biologic organism , as if he had antibodys ? hhehehe. Very interesting.
Thanks for read me. I wanted to share my experience. Now , apparently , all works nice , like before sprayed the liquid.

Just a guess: even if you use 100% isopropyl alcohol which is non-conductive, as it evaporates some of the water in the air could condensate and penetrate under the BGA chips, causing instability. You need to wait some time until everything is totally dry before turning the eletronics back on, otherwise you may damage it.

Btw, I would never do that to my OP-1!

I used to put scotch tape on the VU meters of the deck at home, then peel it back quickly and marvel at the needles staying in the middle for a few seconds before slowly dropping back to -∞. These days I wouldn’t mess about with fragile or sensitive electronics, especially of the costly kind. Liquid + OP1 = no. The silicone cover makes a great dust protector.

If it’s ‘cleaning solution’ it probably has water or water based detergents in it. Could conduct electricity until dry. Also, it may have dissolved salts from sweat, etc, that were in your device and deposited them on a sensitive area, once again causing a short until it dried. Don’t spray alcohol in electronics, use a damp cotton swab (damp with alcohol, not water) to spot clean areas that need it. And it’s best to make sure you’re using antistatic protection when messing with the inside if digital electronics. Otherwise, you could zap the memory or processor and, well, you’d be sad.

Good luck!

thanks a lot for your comments. Don´t try this at home :wink:

i always use deoxit when cleaning electronics. i don't know what its made from, but it works great.

deoxit is for corrosion its a different thing.I bought an old organ/lesslie combo for pennies and ofcourse nothing works. but spraying DEOXIT on everything has made it 80% functional!!! now to get a degree in electrical engineering…

Hmmm, what do you recommend for eventual cleaning of the OP-1?

yea! @masterofstuff124 i've brought a lot of gear back from the dead or almost dead w/ just deoxit.

i still use it for everything. cause i atleast know that it won't damage anything precious in there.

what else would you be cleaning on the inside anyway?

DUST holy fuck so much dust. Dried glue. Blown Caps.

i love me some dust tho. haha.

gotta keep it in there or all the magic will escape!

DeOxit is great as long as you use the right one and know what you are doing, but all those generic electrical contact cleaner/switch cleaner/WD40 and the like should never be sprayed into anything sensitive and expensive or you are just asking for problems.

I would never spray isopropyl into anything, it can literally melt some plastics, it is really meant for tape heads and the like, I think you got lucky this time, but be careful out there!

To conclude. Don’t spray shit into the op-1. Just pour you soul into it

Agree with @darenager

Careful with the DeOxit on vintage pots and the like. Those type of things prefer to be greased up like Mrs Ceefax on a Friday night. I’m pretty sure some really old components even make use of goose fat! DeOxit eats grease and isn’t conducive to the long term functionality of equipment like that.