Initialized presets for synth engines

Ever wish you could start sound design on the OP-1 with an initialized (default) preset? Here we walk through each engine to show how you can make your own initialized presets (or download mine) for each engine. Also learned a lot about the parameters and how they interact for each synth type.

Cool video! Enjoyed it.

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Much appreciated!

you could just put your patches into the factory default patches in the Firmware.

  • unpack it with the op1repacker
  • open the OP1_factory.db with some SQLite tool (e.g.
  • got to the synth_presets table
  • edit one of each synth engine presets to your liking and name them “default”
  • while you’re at it, activate the “subtle_fx” mod in the repacker
  • repack your modded firmware
  • upgrade the FW on the OP-1
  • ???
  • Profit!
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What is all this wizardry you speak of
Any tutorials out there with more detail?

whooo boy are you in for a ride.

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