Innovative MIDI Controller: MusiKraken

Just wanted to share this amazing app I came across for iOS and Android, it can do lots of stuff but the most amazing thing is how it converts your phone’s camera tracking data into MIDI, for e.g. controlling your OP-Z or OP-1 via hand gestures, eyes & mouth movements, body tracking, etc. I played around with it on the iPhone/iPad/OP-Z and it’s mesmerizing. I managed to connect it directly to the OP-Z via Bluetooth and also used it for analog synths via the OP-Z Oplab module (Ch 14, midi cc 1/2 for CV2/CV3 outputs). So much fun.


Thanks for the recommendation. clocking my modular with my heart rate via Apple Watch :heart:


This is super neat, i think ill try it out on numerous usb midi devices i own.

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