Input mode selection not working


Somehow I can’t choose the input chanel anymore when I connect my iphone. the opz shows up in AUM, but when I press the screen button only the battery level lights up but no the 1, 2, 3 and 0 buttons. what could be wrong?

Did you try holding shift button while on module track, instead of screen button? I think source selection has changed with one of the latest OS updates. Not quite sure.

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That was it, this change slipped my attention. Thanks!


While rewriting my general.json file I recognized, that you could actually go back to “legacy input select”. So if you connect your OP-Z to a computer and set this setting in the general.json file to “true”, input selection will be just like before one of the latest updates.
If that is of any help/importance to you…


Hey there, I might be overlooking something simple but i have trouble doing something that i thought many would try to do but somehow it doesn’t seem so:
I would like to stream the internal audio of the OP-Z (plus input from line module if at all possible) to my iOS device effect/loop/sample there, add some synths (potentially sequenced by unused OP-Z tracks) and play the 100% wet output of that. This works with the electron devices or most Roland boutiques.

Two things seem to get in the way and i have not found a way to deals with it:

1 When the device is in monitor mode, the audio from usb is stilll somehow fed BACK into the usb device resulting in a delay corresponding to my buffersize with Feedback according to volume. That is always there on everything in that mode.

2 Monitor mode switches all signals of but it continues to send the internal sounds wich of course is needed (though very oddly, as said, the received usb audio is also sent back) BUT the signal from the line module input is not part of that.

Again with a digitone this is no problem at all (the internal sound can be switched off to avoid phasing with the received usb-audio and the external in is just forwarded regularly along with the internal tracks to the phone/iPad over usb)

With this all i can do with the usb class compliant interface feature is
record the full dry OP-Z output
or play something from the iPad to be mixed in with the OP-Z sounds (with a short delay of the size of my buffer, because that applies to my iPad sounds but not the internal OP-Z tracks)
or sample something into the OP-Z through usb (and that’s the only time Monitoring makes sense then).

That would be such a shame and honestly i would trade it for a digitone again then.
So is there a way to just get all sounds from the audio and module tracks (and NOT the incoming usb signal again) routed to the USB-OUT and then JUST the USB-IN to the device output?

I am surprised how confused I am by this :smiley:

Yes. Confused indeed. What is your question ?

1 The usb audio that is coming from a iOS device is always put right back out to that device resulting in phasing and feedback. How to turn that off?
2 the audio coming in through the line module only part of the sound that is fed out through usb when monitoring is also on directly, wich results in phasing too and wont allow for a 100%wet effected sound. How to change that?

Turn of volume with the yellow volume dial on the OP-Z. ?

If there is a track that can control the volumelevel of the usb in that is (still a bit absurdly to begin with) fed back right out through usb, that would be exactly what im looking for in question1. Please let me know!

If I turn any (other) tracks volume down it of course isn’t sent out via usb anymore (then i might as well plug it out from my phone and not use the interface)
If you mean the master, of course thats going to kill all audio (im using the OP-Z as my master-output)

The module track is the track where you control the volume of the usb and the line in and the mic in. You can select which one to use by pressing shift. And on the iPhone you can select input output via the upperrightscreen pop down.
But I still don’t know if that is what you are asking.
Sorry. But there should be somebody here that will understand. Good luck!

Hey thanks, i guess i will make a video this weekend. Also TE support doesn’t seem to get what my problem is.
But in quick reply: afaict the module does only control one volume , that of the line-in and then you can toggle on/off the signals you mentioned. That is for the main mix.
I actually don’t want to hear the main mix at all, i just want the audio from the iPad on the jack of the OP-Z.
AND i want the main mix INCLUDING the line module (BUT NOT INCLUDING the ipads own signal <— this is the main issue) go TO the ipad. (Effect /compress and the whole wet thing played from the OP-Z out)

If i connect a class compliant usb interface to the ipad, all internal options are replaced by the interface‘s so i literally cannot select the ipads speakers to play back while the OP-Z is connected.


If you ever find out how. Let us know. Maybe then it will be understandable:)