Install Patches/Packs?

I got a couple of patches and/or packs from, but I can’t install pretty much 90% of them. I keep getting “failed” for most of them. For me is seems like it’s random which one works and which ones doesn’t.

I tried to downloaded two synth-files separately. One installed just fine, and the other one didn’t.

Also, sometimes it seems like I’m supposed to put the zip-file directly in the op-1 root folder, and sometimes the unzipped file in synth- or drum-folder.

I’m really clueless here because installing stuff behaves differently everytime.

i always put the .aiffs direclty into the synth or drum folder or into a subfolder inside those 2 folders.
i never put anything in the root or use zips?

i think some of the files on are corrupted or something.
your not the first person to have trouble loading some of them.
or your device has reached its patch capacity.

can u load them into the op1 drum utility?
if so, maybe re-exporting them thru that would fix them?