Installing Dsynth Patches

Hello. Recently moved here from the old forum. In fact, it’s been a while since I used my OP-1 and it seems that I’ve forgotten how to use it a little bit… maybe?

I downloaded some Dsynth patches today from Cuckoo and I wanted to install them, but when I drop them into the synth folder, eject the OP-1 disk (and it installs them) and then browse to the folder with the patches in, the machine crashes (I get white Terminal style text over the screen and have to switch off).

I don’t think I’ve ever installed a Dsynth patch before. Am I doing something wrong?

Sorry, I’ve been trying to search for an answer but have come up blank. Hopefully one of you lovely people can help a fellow OP-1 out?


Hmmmm, I think it might actually be the patches themselves. I downloaded another set from elsewhere and they work ok.