Instructions to Update Your Ortho Remote OR-1

hey! i talked to nate at TE and he said to do the following:

Make sure your bluetooth is turned on! Then the first thing to do is to download an app to your phone called NRF Connect. Next, follow this link and download the target on your phone:

Once you have both those things loaded, then press the button on the bottom of the OR-1 and keep holding it down until the light there turns blue (not flashing). This can take between 10 and 20 seconds so don’t give up if the light doesn’t turn blue immediately.

Next you are going to go into the NRF Connect app and find the OR-1. It should be listed there as DFU Ortho Remote. Connect to the OR-1 and go to the Device view in the app. You can pick DFU in the menu at the top. Then you want to select Open Document Picker and this is where you use the .zip file you downloaded at the start. The Document Picker will allow you to select the .zip file, and then you just push Start which will update the OR-1.

If for any reason that doesn’t work, you can also try to use this .zip instead and go through the same process, just select this one at the end for the update:

That should update your OR-1 to the latest firmware!


hey! I gave this a shot a little while back. And it says it updated but now my remote can’t control volume on anything. out of curiosity, what was the configuration you had on the nrf app?
nvm. just tried it again. i guess you have to turn off alternate “advertising mode”.

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