Introducing SicMynx sync and mix PO to OP-1


Coming soon pricing TBC

I designed a new mixer specifically (although not exclusively) for syncing up to 4 Pocket Operators to the OP-1, with it you can mix the Pocket Operators back into the OP-1 input for recording and jamming, it has 4 sync outputs and 4 mono sync inputs (OP-1 line in is mono, so are POs) each with level control, it also has a dual mono mix PO output and a dual mono OP-1 output which can be used to hear the OP-1 and PO mix either on headphones or into a powered speaker or what have you. All in all it is a very flexible and fun setup, which I think ties the POs to the OP-1 very nicely and usefully, it is very easy to use and can of course also be used for other stuff too, like as a standalone 4 channel mono mixer.

The one shown in the video is a prototype, but I will be offering 10 of these at a discounted price of £45 plus shipping at cost (typically £9 worldwide)

The production version will look different and will cost more (not sure how much yet) and won’t be white, probably blue or black, and might have a different layout, I think the production version will be available in about 4-5 weeks time.

If you have any questions reply in this thread, or if you would like to order one of the prototypes let me know via PM, thanks!

Edit: Forgot to mention, I designed this whilst I had the flu, (hence wordplay on name sicmynx=syncmix) and the prototypes have a couple of slight errors that won’t of course be in the production versions, the errors will not affect functionality as they are minor but that is why I am offering them cheaper.


Sorry for asking this but would i need something to boost the signal of the sound with the sicmynx? A bit like the bastl Dude for instance?



@PlanetHarry It is a good question so no need to apologise :wink: You will not need anything to boost the level, you can use headphones with it via the Sicmynx’s OP-1 mix out, you get sound in both ears but it is dual mono rather than stereo as the OP-1 uses the audio out to carrry PO sync on one side and audio on the other, you do not hear the sync signal in the headphones or if using the mixers output as a line out.


Would your mixer allow us to send the op-1 signal out to external effects back to into the op-1 but also monitor the output?


@thorange There would be no way to hear the OP1 unfortunately as the output would be going into the input, it might be possible using a splitter but I have not tried it, could get howling feedback though!


Pic below, the pots are blue, the one shown in the video has black pots, the black ones are reversed though meaning that turning clockwise decreases volume, with the blue ones turning clockwise increases the volume, you can have either style, the blue ones have shorter shafts and are slightly stiffer.


Thanks. Looks nifty in any case. Maybe I’ll get one once I get the ko-33 and the op-z.


One thing that is pretty cool is thst using the mix2 output you can run the PO’s through say a kaoss pad mini then into the OP1.

Here is another demo, hard to do one handed with ipad but gives an idea of the mixer.


Would I need this if I have the Oplab with the SyncLab LC-1 gate expander?


@erostrova01 not really the same thing, this is more designed for an extremely portable setup of upto 4 PO’s and a OP-1, nothing else is needed aside from cables. :smile:


I wrote you in Instagram and said I can’t find it in EBay anymore, do you still sell them?


Found it and purchased it, thank you?


I have 2 more of these available right now if anyone was thinking of grabbing one.


Jus waiting for some money to drop D…