Introduction while I wait to get OP1


Got my OP-1 on preorder with Sweetwater. Hopefully it makes it before Thanksgiving break!

Quick intro / why I’m getting this:

  • Musician for at least 40 years
  • Learned basic keys 2 years ago
  • My career has been in software design and usability
  • Quite sure that exercising creativity is a good thing for me on many dimensions
  • Play guitar and bass, play bass in praise band for 10 years
  • Got a Minibrute and learned synth basics last year
  • Regularly improvise at home using Boomerang looper, Akai drum machine, guitar or bass, and synth
  • Sunk way too much time into learning Ableton and many, many iPad apps for music-making. Staying away from it for now. KISS.
  • Love great design
  • Really want to push myself into song writing in the near future. Even if no one else hears it! (And it’s OK if they do.)
  • Ideally, what I record also becomes something I can perform live.
  • Have a bias against quantized beats and sequences. Nothing is absolute in music, but I’m committing myself for now to playing that loop like a human.

Anyway, that’s me.

I’m hoping to use this forum to learn, share, and figure out what gear to keep, use with the OP1, or to sell off.


Welcome @joegrant413 you’ll find this place a haven for creative community, <3


One other piece of gear to note that I use… Eventide H9.

@joegrant413 said:

One other piece of gear to note that I use… Eventide H9.

I’m surprised how much I love my H9. I really shouldn’t be, but it’s a gem for sure!