iOS Tape Record

Just found this app TapeRecord looks like an old cassette deck but has some pretty fun and interesting features and its free, well worth checking out.

Before I look, does it emulate the sound of tape too?

the dev makes no mention of tape emulation @Tribrix

That’s a bummer. I like the 8mm app in the way it emulates super 8 film.

Finding that a few of the features are a little buggy, but I hope that development continues as it looks like a decent little app with some very handy functions, WIST and dropbox amongst my personal faves. I have not noticed any particular tape coloration but I have not tried recording with anything other than the built in mic.

Thanks for the info about this. Seems quite a useful app, quite nice for looping field recordings.

Check out Masterrecord for iOS, has some lo-fi settings that i enjoy very much

^yea +1 master record is pretty fly