iPad app not connecting or scanning OP-Z device

Hi! The OP-Z IPad App does not recognize the OP-Z anymore. When I load the app the button scan is not responsive. I tried this on two iPads (Pro and last gen) and the behavior is the same. Yesterday it was working. I can connect to the iPhone via Bluetooth and to the MacBook via the cable. Cannot connect via the cable to either iPad also. I updated to the latest firmware and still have the same problem. Any idea of what might be going on? Heeeeeeelp!

Same here. Two iPads don’t scan or connect.

Same! What happened?

It only seems to work if I use the Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter.

Same here! It happened to me a couple of weeks ago and TE said it was a bug. Only lighting connection working.

in Android is working

Have the same issue - Scan button does not work in iPad app, but works fine on iPhone…

I was able to connect to the iPad Pro using a USB C cable. The strange thing is that
the bluetooth connection with the app was working the day before. I believe the app did the scan automatically… ? Because when one presses the “Scan” button nothing happens.

This iPad-only bug (failure to display BLE MIDI device list) happened and was fixed a few versions ago, but has now reappeared.

You’d really hope TE developers would have included it in their test conditions! Obviously not.

Meanwhile, there is a workaround for iPad users. Connect the OPZ over bluetooth using another app (I use MIDI Scope) before launching the OPZ app.



With ipad air gen 1. No problem to connect.

This actually works! Thanks a lot!

You’re welcome @mrgetz


thanks man this saved me today, appreciate the tip!

Works after the latest update.


I had this issue in my iPad, iPhone was working and Android too so it was very strange.
So,what I did to get around is to install Korg’s BLE-MIDI,

Use this app to connect to your device.