Ipad apps + PO-16

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to sync PO-16 (as a slave) with iElectribe in Ipad mini.
So far, I have used ‘LittleMidiMachine’ app as a master to control ‘Korg SyncKontrol’ app’s tempo for generating click track that will be sent to PO-16.
Additionally, ‘LittleMidiMachine’ sends ‘clock out’ data to iElectribe, shortly there is no problem between Ipad apps. But, when I switch the PO-16 into ‘SY2’ mode, it gets confused by the click track generated by apps and there is no audible sound apart from PO-16’s own sound. Any suggestions would be great!

Thanks in advance,

Any idea??

Sync with the POs works with a split signal: the left stereo channel transmits only the sync click whereas the left channel only transmits mono audio (or vice versa?). That means you can’t use Korg Sync Control as you can’ change the pan position of it to ‘100% left’. You would need a mixer app with pan settings for that. I am not aware of such an app, but maybe another commenter is.

However, I see two ways to sync the POs to iOS:

  1. Use only apps with an internal pan setting. Use a drum machine app to create the sync click on the left channel (a short pitched up rimshot like sound should do). Play all other sounds on the right channel (or vice versa?).

  2. Use a second iOS device and at least one app that uses WIST (like iElectribe or Gadget). Use one device to create your sounds. Open Korg Sync Control on the other one. Sync the first device wirelessly to Sync Control (Thats what WIST does).

I hope that helps.

i have been using method 2 with great results.

Many hanks for the reply TTS!

As far as I understand, for your first suggestion, there is no possibility for obtaining stereo sound from apps by using ‘audio through’ specification of PO’s (as long as we are splitting the signal).

The second way sounds quite logical,but I don’t have any other ios device. In this case, maybe I can use ‘ILRemote’ app and use the computer daw (FL Studio) as a master both for ipad and PO-16. I’ll try it and let you know as soon as possible!

By the way is there a chance to use WIST within Android (or similar thing between Android & IOS)??

As soon as you use any sync on the POs, the signal is split and all audio is mono.