iPad camera connection kit

Hi there
My problem: when I connect the OP-1 to the camera connection kit the iPad says that the connected device draws to much power and therefore no connection is established…
Is there something I have to consider when connecting (the connection order, the power on order, the battery charge state of both devices)?

Turn off USB charging on the OP1?

Ya theres a particular order. Try having all the cables ( usb, CCK ) connected to the OP-1 first, then to the iPad. I forget if you need to turn off the usb charge on the op-1 or not, it’s been a while. In any case you could do a “cck” search here in the forum.

Really? Is there a way to switch off usb charging. When Iread this it was like reading in a old algebra book of which I forgot the the details but not the basics. How again do I switch it off?

SHIFT+COM and then 4 I think for the “OPT” mode.

Then turn the blue? encoder to toggle usb charging.