Ipad headphone trick to monitor w/ headphones and no audio interface while recording (video)

I made a quick video showing how to trick the ipad into using headphones and the op-z as an audio interface to record 16 midi tracks and a stereo audio track at once (I realize several tracks do not need to be recorded but just wanted as a proof of concept)

Record op-z into ipad with just usb-c transport midi for multitracking into cubasis or aum

Record screen in op-z app while running audio in background AUM

Add nucleum hub attached to ipad for op-z recording and after opening aum then plugging in headphones (usb-c headphone adapter) so the ipad recognizes the op-z as an audio interface 2 in 2 out but immediately after the headphones are plugged in the ipad recognizes both.Rec hub headphone quick tutorial


Hope this is useful to someone. I have since tried various other ways to hook things up so feel free to ask. I spent some time pushing sync methods, outputs, oplab, nts-1, afx station, k-2, syncing with an audio source, lots of fun midi ideas…

couldn’t u just use the jack on the Z to monitor?
would eliminate the need for the hub and is a bit simpler

Yeah that works, but this was if you are trying to monitor the ipad sound (for effects in aum or audiobus, screen recording without latency or to record both aum and the screen at the same time).

Thanks for bringing that up. I should have thrown that in the video

what about using the USB monitor mode?
wouldn’t that allow u to monitor both the Z and the ipad?
routing the Z sound thru the USB
so it comes out the Z output jack along w/ any sounds from the ipad?
or is the latency the issue there?

Good effort, I hope it will work…

I did forget about that! thanks for reminding me! I will give that a go and see if that makes more sense.

When I was making the video I wanted to:

-Test what can be done with just a usb-c (which was 2 stereo and al the midi data could be recorded)
-Screen record photmatic video while recording audio that did not have a lag- the hdmi out from ipad is a few ms (this one my main concern)
-Monitor the ipad after effects in AUM, cubasis, auria or AUdiobus3

  • somehow trick the ipad in to using more than one interface as I wanted to have iconnectmidi4+ and actual audio interface or mixer.
  • I figured out that if I shut off audio pass thru on the iconnect I could have both and that is when I noticed the headphone “trick”

Thanks again!!!

I’ll make another video to add the findings from the comments or at least put a link to this thread.

I know we are not playing shows right now, but I would like to have this setup properly when the time comes. I honestly may just use the ipad for visuals and route the sound elsewhere so I can add a slight delay if needed

I added this link to the video and gave props to you. Is that name okay to use?