ipad midi out with oplab ?

Is there a way to get some midi out with the oplab ?
would like to send the fugue machine into some hardware synth with the oplab but i don’t manage to do it.
I have the cck.

seems like mode 1 is what u want from the oplab guide.

i don’t have an oplab so not super familiar w/ it.

for ipad to midi DIN, if u have the CCK, all u need is any generic USB to midi interface plugged into the CCK and you’re good to go.

ok, i think i need a usb to usb to connect to the oplab but i can find any cable like this on local store … so weird XD
I’ve plugged it to my elektron turbo midi interface and it works perfectly
Thanks a lot

can u use the micro USB on the oplab and route to midi out? i think thats how u would want to hook it up from iPad to oplab.

yes, i just try again and it’s now workin …
i think i got some electrical problem on this house … i don’t think the oplab was the problem as it works as soon as i plug the oplab on another place