iPad Midi Sequencer (MultiChannel)

What’s some good multichannel Midi Sequencers out there for the iPad?

Pheadra looks pretty good but was wondering if there was anything newer/better out there that could sequence multiple external pieces of hardware.

I just posted about this actually!


Thanks, I saw your video but am i right in saying that this does do multi output but not as in multi linear outputs the likes of Phaedra is or something like Beatmaker / Cubasis (more of a DAW timeline rather than sequencer) is?

Genome Midi Sequencer looks pretty good!


Just posting up links as i find them :wink:

You are correct, it is just one sequence available, but you can send those 16 steps to 16 different channels. Little midi machine is free and gives you two to use. Otherwise Lemur has it’s own step sequencer buttons including note and velocity that you could add however many times you want to a template and send those to different channels.

Interesting, i’ll check out Lemur.
I already have it but didnt realise there was a step sequencer :slight_smile:

Lemur has had sequencing capability for a while, but there have been complaints in the past about timing. Maybe the latest version has better timing.

Genome’s multichannel sequencing is pretty good overall, I prefer it to Thesys, but YMMV. I don’t usually get along with programs that force chord voicings on me.