IPad + OP1 F

Thinking of getting an IPAD to use with my Field, (looking at Patterning 2 app ) for starters. as my Drumming is a bit dull and repetitive, so could I make beats with the Patterning app and record them into one of the tracks on the Field? also ,if its a go’er
What would be a good ( not too exxy) Ipad? looking at a Apple iPad 10.2" (9th Gen) 64GB or an iPad 10.9" (10th Gen) Wi-Fi 64GB…
could they sync with WI-Fi or would I need a Camera Cable (is lightning the same?)
Sorry for the Rapid Fire Questions…


The OP-1F can do MIDI over bluetooth, and I’ve done that successfully with an iPad. The OP-1F doesn’t have WiFi.

Either of those sound fine — but I haven’t tried them; I have a first-generation Pro.

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Absolutely. I use Koala sampler on my iPhone. I just did a video doing that on my YouTube channel.

It’s posting In a few minutes.