ipad + op1 for newbies. Post your favorite apps and connection methods here.

My first iPad+op1 sequenced track.

DO NOT SWITCH ON THE OP1 WITH iPAD CONNECTED. I made this mistake twice, op1 got hung twice, it seems to go straight into a rescue mode if booted when connected, and loses its data. I had to reboot with COM key pressed and follow the onscreen instructions to reload firmware from my computer to revive it.

I sequenced the op1 from my iPad Air for the first time. Midi is incredibly easy. Here is what you need to know if you're like me a newbie.

- Bought original "Lightning to USB Camera adapter" from Apple. This plugs into the iPad Air proprietary connector, and has a female USB host plug coming out the other end. There are similar parts for 30 pin iPads, and probably some cheaper clones. Name for this cable on this forum is CCK.

- Got the NordBeat 2 app from the AppStore. This is a nice little app from the maker of the wonderful NordDrum 2 percussion synth, it does not output sound, is entirely dedicated to sequencing; it's ideal for a test.

- Boot the op1. WAIT until it is up. Connect cable. Press COM. "Aux" should get you connected for sequencing, and then you can choose a midi channel by pressing Shift and twiddling a button. Nord Beat 2 has some midi menus to help you from the other side.

- The NordBeat 2 app has menus to help you figure out the midi setup. If you just click a few beats and set the beat to run you can then fiddle around on the op1 until the connection works and sound comes out.

Here is what I made with it - remember I am really really not a musician. I could have done the same with the op1 alone, on the go, probably, but when you have space and a table to work on the visual side of the iPad is fast and fun. You get your rhythm going, then you choose instruments and modulate the effects on the synth controls while the piece is running. You can record everything to op1 tape or "CD", while again adding mixer effects.

By the way, NordBeat 2 sends velocity to the op1 AND THE OP1 CAN PLAY DRUMS AT DIFFERENT VOLUMES!!! I don't know if you can get this from the built-in synth drum machines. Drag up on a marker for stronger, down for weaker, color indicates choice. There is also a "Pads" page where you can drum with different velocity settings.


Love it <3 thanks for sharing

  • Camera Connection Kit + Power Bank via Lightning plug + USB Hub + KeyStation
  • MidiFlow (+ the In App Purchases, sorry)
  • Patterning
  • Any old looping app + OP-1 into Mic In (Y-Cable into iPad required)
  • Audulus 3, in, out, whatever
  • Kord Gadget + audio into OP-1
  • Modular + audio into OP-1