Iphone sync po’s

This might be a stupid idea but I want to know your opinion.
I have a k-mix and a couple of po’s and an ipad and an iphone.
I want to use the po’s with instruments on the ipad.
The k-mix functions as a mixer and audio interface.
I want to record with the ipad. When a chain the po’s I find it difficult to get a good mix, so what I want to do is to connect each po to the k-mix (yes it has lots of inputs). This way I can record each po on separate track.
Then I’ll use an iphone app that outputs a midi sync. The iphone is in sync with the ipad via abrlton link.
Now here comes my question. I want the iphone to sync the op’s by sending out the midi sync signal but how do I split the signal to send to each po?
I guess there is some cheap simple thing that does this?
Thanks for all help.

I guess this thing is what I need.

if you’re going to use the iphone as a clock only, maybe worth looking into Trigger Box on iOS too https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/trigger-box/id892739081?mt=8

This was a topic i explored in code for iOS. I ‘ve made a proto app that synthesize the sync signal and add a backtrack from an audio file or output of any audiobus 3 enabled app. Back then i also wanted to add some funny stuff such as per step based tempo maybe lfo or g sensor based tempo etc. I added some code for that but havent finished.

I stopped developing because of the insane work schedule. But its better now at work so if there is enough interest i could finish and publish on app store.

@eesn thanks for the suggestion.

@erd_ a new music related app is always a nice thing :slight_smile:

One of these? Passes the audio through to a separate out, and splits the clock off into four other outs, meaning the outputs from your POs can run individually to your mixer. Then use Korg SyncKontrol app on the iPhone for the clock.


@ecobebop That’s exactly what I needed, too bad I already ordered the Retrokit cause it was like 5-6 times more expensive.