iPhone to po-33 (and vice versa) questions

1)If you want to record a sample from your iPhone straight from line in, what do you need to do/get?
2)If the sample is now on the po-33, edited and you want to send it back to GarageBand, what do you do?

For sampling you only need a standard stereo mini jack cable (and obviously a headphone socket on your iPhone). Connect headphone output of the phone with input of the PO and you are ready to go.

Getting the stuff back into the iPhone is a bit more complicated. You’ll need a class compliant USB audio interface and the Apple Lightning To USB adaptor (I highly recommend the original, because other cheap stuff barely works). You might also go for the bigger Apple Lightning To USB 3 adaptor which can power USB devices by connecting a charger.

There are also some special Lightning audio interfaces like Line6 SonicPort that you can connect directly to the iPhone but the USB solution may be more versatile (e.g. for using USB MIDI controllers) and also a bit cheaper.

I’ve tried a headphone/mic splitter cable but Apple uses some proprietary signalling sh*t for detecting external microphones/inputs, so this won’t work.

Thanks, but what if it’s one of the more recent iPhones which don’t have headphone jacks

Behringer UCA 202 - will take the line out of the P.O. and through to a lightning port into the phone. To go back into the P.O. use a standard trs audio cable from the UCA 202’s headphone jack into the P.O.’s audio input.
Cool thing about the Behringer is it’s bus powered off the iOS device, no need for batteries or power.

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use a lightning to mini-jack adaptor… or the USB audio interface.

So the UCA-202 will put my sampling work into my phone… but where will it be stored on my phone… keep in mind, I need to get it into GarageBand also

Garage band should pick up the Behringer’s signal in place of the microphone.

It didn’t… this doesn’t work

I just downloaded GarageBand again and it worked for me - make sure you’re using the Audio Recorder in GarageBand, it will detect the Behringer and ask if you want to turn on monitoring. Just hit the record button and press play on the P.O. 33. If GarageBand doesn’t detect the Behringer then you might have a connection mixed up… check to make sure you’ve got your input from the P.O. going to left and right inputs on the UCA202. You might have to restart GarageBand if you connected the Behringer while it was already open.