Irig 2 level problem


Do you have same problem with irig 2 input level ?

The level is very poor

I connect circuit track output (headset or direct output)

I connect to irig 2

Screen + 2 on op-z
Screen + mixer for max the level input

I scroll all the way the master of irig 2
And master volume of circuit track to the max

All is maximum level

But level of input is very poor, i must lowered all tracks of op-z for a great balance
Some tracks to 10-15 level in mixer for great balance

Do you have any tips for increase ?

Thank you

Sorry for my bad english

Did you press screen + mixer multiple times until the green LED reaches the last step on the sequencer (motion) track?

Yes !

Screen + mixer with the green led to maximum right

I have receive a simple split trrs cable today and it s work greater than irig 2 it s 30€ cheaper

And now i have enough volume

What s wrong with the level of irig 2 ?

Irig 2 return to amazon

Does a trrs cable automatically turn any input into mic level?

I’m worried about plugging anything (eg my mixer) into the audio jack to sample from in case it damages the op-z. But I do have a minijack to trrs cable (for my microfreak vocoder). Would that work to reduce line level to mix level?

a cable itself does NOT change the signal levels to different ones
it won’t match the impedance either.


Ok thanks for clarifying. Still need to wrap my head around impedance.