Is a Pocket Operator any good for someone who has an OP-1?

Hello, just wondering if a Pocket Operator would be beneficial to someone who has an OP-1, or if the OP-1 accomplishes the same things. Cheers.

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I decided the answer to this question was “no” after spending some time with the Op1 last night. The drum synth and drum sampler functions cover a lot of the same ground.

That being said, for commutes into work, these things look WAY more fun than more powerful apps available on iOS…because buttons! I might get the PO-12 because it would be insanely immediate, and another fun sound source, but I’m not going to stress about it. The OP1 is incredibly capable as a drum machine…

Certainly not heard anything outside of the scope of the OP-1 from them, but still fun distraction/sample sources, also the very fact they operate in a complete different way means that you will create different music on them than perhaps you would using the OP-1.

These things are fun and can work with each other and the OP-1 much the way @darenager made the OP-1 work with the volcas in fact they use the same concept and POs can work with the volcas too.

I heard it was programmed by a different team, so it’s possible it sounds completely different than the OP-1 drumbox.

They probably have different sounds, but certainly have different workflows. Parameter locks alone are a huge difference between these units and the OP-1. If you’ve tired of the built-in synthesis engines of the OP-1 and don’t find mobile device applications inspiring, these might be perfect. If you don’t find them robust enough to create full songs, they can at least make for nice sample fodder to use with the OP-1.

I just bought one of each. I want to try using them when busking, bit less precious. I also like the idea of playing/jamming with my friends with them with a couple of beers. The Op1 is a fun, party music making tool, now more people can join in and I’m less worried about breaking the op1. :slight_smile:

+1 @formatk

Also the PO-121416 are much easier to get in to for someone that isn’t use to it. Good point!

When they made these, I’m sure they had the OP-1 community in mind. Also the price point makes it so accessible, even if you are unsure, there isn’t much to invest in giving it a try. Even if it’s just one model.

The Pocket Operators allow sequences that play drum and synth sounds at the same time. That’s the biggest edge that I’ve noticed. Maybe one day they’ll add this to the OP-1. (Please)

I like how the PO-16 has an arpeggiator (also hoping for a future OP-1 update that allows this) and I love the bass sounds that I’ve heard on the PO-14. They seem fatter than the OP-1, maybe possible to achieve with the proper patch settings, but it’s just not immediate. Beyond the initial sound, since you can just sample those onto the OP-1, PO-12 has 16 effects and you can chain 16 patterns. I’m pretty much sold on all 3.

It’s like 3 tactile versions of an OP-1 synth module update plus sequencers and effects.

Imagine having a few friends around, the PO’s are sync’d up and coming through your sound system. Throw them to your friends and just jam and move your body.

For fun oké but that’s it. It looks beautiful but I am not impressed by the sound cause I think the OP! has a lot more to offer.

The Po12 sounds very different to DBox.
+1 @Lymtronics .
As a fan I must collect.

I personally think the new POs sound great, very punchy

Im very excited to let other people play with my PO’s like @hudson would be great for a party to link up and have some muicians jam! WHen people play with my OP1 i watch them like a hawk and i would never let people near it at a party! BUt the PO’ i would love to have people play with and see how epic Teenage engineering is!

WHen people play with my OP1 i watch them like a hawk and i would never let people near it at a party!

@masterofstuff124 Haha the same here!