Is editing tape on PC possible?

Hi, i have such question.

I’ve copied tape file to PC, edited aif on that PC, sent back to OP-1 and my tape track which I’ve just edited was fully “recorded” (I suppose that information about start and end points of loops are not preserved in that case). Sound was there, but it’s big disadvantage. Someone knows how to edit your tape on PC and not loose that information?

I’ve edited aif file in audacity. Maybe i should do something more?


It’s never going to keep the loop point info etc editing on a PC.

The best way might be to do your editing in a DAW like AbletonLive that will allow you to view the timeline of the 4 tape tracks and show you the bars too. That way you’re always working to bars at a specific BPM so when you re-import it all should be synced and it’s easy to setup loop points.

Okay, so as I’ve thought… I think that best idea could be to edit one tape file at the moment - uploading only one - for easier finding proper loops start and end points of particular pieces ( I have rather many smaller pieces on whole tape). Not ideal, but thanks :slight_smile: