Is it possible for OP-1 to play midi notes from the DAW

Hey guys,

I have a pretty silly question but I’m super stupid when it comes to midi synchronization.
So here is the deal:
I have some midi tracks in my DAW and the bass sound I want to use on my OP-1.
The question is how to make the OP-1 play those midi notes through the bass sound and record it back to the DAW?

I’m pretty sure that the solution (if there is) must be super simple but i’m not smart enough to understand it.

Thanks in advance!

OP1 listens on a particular MIDI channel, so you want MIDI going out of the DAW on that channel, and then you want the audio output from the OP1 to go into your audio interface’s input. Logic has a plugin for that but you haven’t pointed out what your DAW is. And in any case the plugin is optional. Manual and youtube are your friends.

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