Is it possible to build the 170 pocket operator modular?

trying to build my 170… the power strip module is mounted exactly where the speaker goes… has anyone solved this mystery? maybe i’m just incredibly stupid, missing something obvious??

TE = Toddler Engineering :smiley:
Sorry…hope you somehow get it to work man!


? - yes the manual shows both pieces of the build that should fit in the same space, with lines indicating that they should go to the same place. there is no documentation showing how this happens in reality.

Do they not fit next to each other? Like on the drawing?

please see the picture i have posted in this thread- the power module is too long to be next to the speaker, instead it overlaps where the top of the speaker goes.

The powermodule is the same width as the 170 unit?
(Your picture is not very clear)

you can see the power module overlapping the speaker grill and holes on the metal case of the 170 in my photo. and the power module goes all the way to the other side of the case because there is an LED on the other side of the case which indicates that it should indeed be that long on the other side. i am trying to find information if i received the correct part or not. or i wonder if anyone else here has built the 170 and can indicate the solution.

So you got a powersupply v2 And a 170 v1. I guess. Try for exchange in the store ?

As far as I understand, the powermodule needs to be on the right side (yellow circle) and the speakeron the left side (green circle).I can recommend to take a look at this.

In this picture it appears they fit over each other. But your picture shows a bigger powersupply thingy.

The section doesn’t show the sockets of the power strip, there are in the way of the speaker.

I don’t own the 170, but just out of interest: Anyone with a successful build?

i got an official response from TE. they send a photo of how it works, also notice that the standoffs in their build are metal, all around much nicer than the final product:


Looks like a perfect fit :joy:

edit: sorry for hating but TE is seriously slacking these days…

it is really really super weird that the solution looks like that i have to say. it really pushes the speaker at an angle and just doesn’t make sense in a product that is otherwise pretty well designed.

I completely agree with you…unlikely they didn’t notice this in their beta version.
Same as the double trigs on the OP-Z. They just roll the product out, no matter what.

but you can‘t use the other power sockets this way.
they should have done a T-7 power module for this system but if you‘re going to put the modules into euro format you‘ll be thankful for the bigger power module.

i think 2 behringer Neutron would give a better sense of how nice modular synthesis can be, and that in Poly. :nerd_face: