Is it possible to connect an iPad to the OPLab using Apple's 30-pin connector?

I’m trying to figure out if I can connect my iPad directly to the OPLab using Apple’s 30-pin connector.

I want to use OPLab to convert the output from Arpeggionome on iPad to CV. But it seems that Arpeggionome doesn’t recognize the OPLab.

What am I doing wrong? Is it possible to use the Apple 30-pin connector to connect the iPad to OPLab?


You need a CCK it activate MIDI on the iPad

CCK it the key! Get ready for OPfun.

Aargh! I knew it! I hate that little CCK*ing thing!

I wonder how iConnectivity gets away with bypassing the CCK:
Q: Can I use an apple lightning to 30-pin connector with the supplied 30-pin connector?
Can I use a camera connector cable instead?

A: Until we can supply our own Lightning equipped connection cables, the Apple 30-pin to lightning adaptor will indeed work with our 30-pin connection cable.
The Camera connector wil NOT provide full functionality with our unit.
They don't.

Can I use my iTunes Sync cable to connect my iOS device to iConnectMIDI.

Short answer, No. The USB Type A Host only supports USB MIDI class compliant devices such as keyboards and controllers, either directly or through a standard USB hub. Although you can plug in your iOS device through this port using your sync cable, the iOS device will not initialize with iConnectMIDI.

If you want to get a second iOS device connected to your iConnectMIDI, you can order one directly from us by selecting here.

iConnectivity's 30 pin cable is probably a licensed Apple accessory that replicates the CCK functionality.

Using the Dock cable that came with your iPad, it will plug into the A or B Host connectors, but those are just for hosting/routing USB MIDI devices (like the OP-1, or a Blofeld, for example). If you want to use the Oplab as a MIDI interface, which by your description you are, you need the CCK.

I get it. There’s no way around it. I either need the CCK or something that replicates it. Sorry for being daft, thanks for clearing this up!