Is it possible to control the OP-Z with the Kawai ES120?

Hey operators, first post in the forum. Nice to meet all of you :star_struck:

I am trying to get my Kawai ES120 to control my OP-Z. It has MIDI USB which can connect to a host computer but not 5 pin midi.

On the OP-Z side, I have the line module which has TRS to MIDI in and out.

Previously, I was able to get a reface CP to control the OP-Z because it had 5 pin midi which I could plug directly into the Line Module’s Midi IN.

Lastly I’ve got a Claret 2Pre which may be helpful to achieve the goal!

Thank you for any help here, I really appreciate it :melting_face:
~ Ben


the Z is a USB MIDI Host itself
so u should be able to
plug your kawai into it directly via USB
and do the MIDI

Hey thank you for this- it was as easy as just plugging it in!

~ Ben