Is it possible to listen to exported snapshots on the computer?

Maybe this is a dumb question. I’ve exported “.aif” snapshots from my OP-1 to my desktop. How can I listen to a sample of the snapshot on my computer? According to TE “sound presets use a special OP-1 version of the .aif format, which includes both a sound preview and synthesizer data”. I’d like to be able to access the sound preview on my computer so I can decide which things to load up onto the OP-1.

u can listen to any drum and synth sampler preset
just like u would any other sound file on your computer

but any synth engine preset will just play back a robot voice saying “OP-1 Patch”
as its just parameter data and the actual sound is generated by the engine itself

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iirc, sounds you have in the 1-8 slots get proper previews somehow. I forget exactly if you have to do something special, but I’m pretty sure I’ve managed to get custom patches with real audio previews.