is it possible to move a sequence from 'endless' into 'finger' or did i dream this?

i’m sure there was an explanation of how to do this on ohpeewon but i didn’t quite understand how it worked. is such a thing possible?

I’m pretty sure it’s not possible, unfortunately.

if anything, try pressing the Lift key when on Endless, and Drop when Finger is selected.

I don’t think it’ll work, but that’s how I’d try to do it if experimenting.

Happy for someone to prove me wrong, but sadly I don’t think it’s possible.

Perhaps saving patterns will be something added in a future update, or perhaps TE have left this as a positive limitation. In other words, if you like an endless sequence, lift it to tape and create.

Ah well, no harm in asking and thanks for the knol. I’m with @tegid with the wish to be able to save more than one sequence though. OP-heaven that would be