Is it possible to put backed up tape tracks back to the OP-1?

Hey guys,

I’m new here. I’ve recently purchased OP-1 and it’s super great, I’ve already made several tracks using it and i’m planning to play them live.

But it brings me to an important question: is it possible to put backed up tape tracks back into OP-1? I mean connect it to the computer, delete the existing tracks 1-4 from the folder and paste there the old ones that were backed up previously? Will it work?

The thing is i’m super afraid to lose the progress i’ve made by accidentally pressing ‘record’ or ‘delete’ or whatever so i’m trying to back up everything on my computer. But at the same time i’m planning to play them live using OP-1 so it would be nice if it is possible to do that

I would’ve tried it myself but as i said i’m scared to lose the tracks i’ve already done there.


Yeah, you just copy the files off from the drive, and then copy them back over when you want to go back to them. Nothing to fancy about it, and the tracks will save all of your tape cuts and all.

You’ll probably need to come up with a strategy to play your tracks live… as it is time consuming to back up and then copy the full tracks back over. Not sure if you’ve thought this through yet, but you’ll want to try it out, or consider how you might play a full set off of the 4 tracks through loops and creative use of the record tracks.


That’s great news, thank you so much!!

I’m still figuring out how to use it in a live setting properly, but my main fear was that i by mistake rerecord the cool parts i’ve made (as i did today and wasted several hours restoring everything). It is such a relief that I can copy them back and forth.

Thanks once again!

I’d say just get in the habit of backing up from time to time.

The OP-1 is like playing with fire… it can be beautiful, but you’ve got to be okay with getting burned from time to time. The more you play with it, the better you’ll be able to control the madness :smiley:

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losing your work is a part of life
destroy and rebuild
a good skill to sharpen

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That’s right. They’re not babies, they’re just songs. If you forget it that fast, is wasn’t very good in the first place. :sweat_smile:

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I don’t forget it, i’m just a bit lazy to redo everything haha


I’m kidding. Seriously, it can be a frustrating little instrument…

And just my 2c: i noted that you can actually copy any mono track into any of the four Tape tracks directly from your PC. It may take sometime for the OP to process it. But it works. Probably worthy to stay under the 38Mb size. I tried dropping an acappella for a remix project. It will be a challenge to work out the remix only with the three remaining tracks!