Is it possible to sync the play button with the sequencer?

I have a sound loaded with the arpeggio sequencer and I want to play it in sync with starting the track when hitting “play.” Obviously you can enable the record button to start recording when you press a key loaded with a sequencer so that everything is in sync.

However, is it possible to sync the sequencer with a song without enabling recording? (Of course, I can try the hit the two keys at the same time and this is what I currently do…just wondering if there is a more elegant approach).

I mean, whats the end goal? what are you trying to do? Can’t you just use the trigs?

I want to play an arpeggio live.

What are trig’s?

hmm, i guess i’m confused why you’re having a problem, it sounds like you can do that? Like? you mean when you start the track you want to play the arp right away?
My suggestion, would be to add a short 2-4 bar intro pattern before when you want the arp to start. That way it gives you a little count in so to speak, like a short drum or vocal sample and the BOOM all your stuff starts with your arp playing live on the one count…
i think that’s what you want?

trigs are the 1-16 step buttons, triggers if you will, that trigger what ever the note is in the sequence.
so like the sequencer has 16 buttons and you can put a drum kick on the 1st trig, so the track starts with the kick

so those are the active trigs on the 1 and 5 and 9 and 13, when the trig is active there is the little red light lit up.
does that make sense?

Is this for the op-z or op-1?

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he means the OP-Z and unfortunately it’s not possible to start a sequencer in time with the tape, you have to manually press a key and switch the hold button to stay active.

Thanks! Glad I’m not missing something. I’m okay with manually pressing keys (it is a keyboard afterall :slight_smile: )