Is it possible to trigger tape record by input audio signal like in the sampler?

Hey fellas, I noticed a little problem while recording stuff to tape, to a recorder und back to tape.

The threshold that’s selected in the input section is not starting the tape to record when recording is armed, which makes it hard to record on timing.

The idea was to arm recording on the tape, start my field recorder and when the signal is above the threshold, the op-1 starts recording so it starts right at the beginning.

I know i can lift stuff up and throw it in the sampler, but the time limit makes it hard to use in that particular case.

Is there way to do that? Besides hooking everything together via midi.

i could be reading this wrong
but i believe that the threshold level in the input section
is for sampling to drum or synth sampler directly
not for engaging record on the tape

u can arm the tape for record and it will start recording on a key press
u may be able to also start recording on a midi note as well

Sorry, i was really tired.

Yes, the idea was to trigger the recording by the incoming signal. So i don’t have to push two buttons at the same time on two devices or edit the tape afterwards.

I wish you could, but I am almost certain you cannot do this.

Yes, Sadly. I asked TE about this while reporting a bug. They added it as a feature request.