Is it possible to update op-1 firmware on iPad?

This would be my deciding factor whether I should by a laptop or an iPad. Couldn’t find the answer through google.

i have an iPad pro (the one with usb c) and i have updated the OP-Z using the latest iPad OS update. Not sure if you can update OP-1 with iPad since i don’t have one but i’m sure you can as long as iPad recognizes OP-1 as a usb device.

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You can update your op-1 with a cheap Android phone so I’m not sure if that is a sound criterion for choosing between a laptop and an iPad, but yeah, iPads with the new ipadOS should work…

You can’t eject a USB device from the iPad — you just unplug it. So you’ll need a way to eject the OP-1, which will trigger the update.

On the OP-Z you can press Play to “self-eject” it. Not sure about the OP-1.