Is it safe to use the Analog Rytm battery-powered?


First of all, I don´t wanna flood the Operator One forum with Elektron stuff, but knowing that a lot of people there uses the gear from TE swedish big brothers (indeed, I first heard about Elektron here!:) and considering that the spirit here is much more friendly/with stronger community ties than the official Elektronauts forum, I feel welcome to ask :)

We are planning to do some DJ sets and a live with the Analog Rytm in a public space, using the following setup:

12V battery > Inverter to 110V > No Break > Original PSU > Analog Rytm

However, I don´t have the electronic knowledge/skills to know if it´s safe to power up and play with the AR that way. What are the risks with that setup? This can fry my drum machine? What cares/precautions should I take? Thanks a lot! :)

i’ve used a laptop rechargeable battery that does 12VDC with the RYTM no problem. also used the same battery (has voltage selector) to power an OT no problem too at 6VDC.

i get like 8-12 hours battery life maybe more?

tekkeon mypowerall is the name of the battery that i have but there are prob others being sold as “laptop rechargeable batteries” or like search for 12V DC rechargeable battery

ravpower makes some, and anker does too. they even recharge 5V usb stuff too like my phone, op1, etc.

i’m not sure about your exact setup there but i think if u just make sure u have the correct voltage DC, enough mA, and the right polarity power plug u are good to go. i don’t know a lot about the science behind power myself, so the battery route seems safer to me.

Thanks a lot @docshermsticks! Let me see if I understood correctly: instead of using the Analog Rytm PSU you plug the laptop rechargeable battery directly into the AR?

yep! the battery should come with a bunch of different sized plugs too.

if u can might be a good idea to double check whatever battery u are getting comes w/ the right plug size for the elektron.
i personally haven’t run into that problem, but all the brands i’m sure have slightly different sets of plug sizes they give u.

Got it! :slight_smile: Well, I can´t buy a Tekkeon (or the RAVPower and Aker that people from Elektronauts use) here in Brazil, although I can import from Amazon. However, what we are thinking about is using this 12V battery-powered scheme. Maybe I´m being a little bit overzealous?

If you’re going to use a 12V battery and then inverter, if it was me I’d make sure the inverter produces as clean a sine wave as possible. I don’t know how sensitive the Elektron power supplies are to sketchy/jagged sine waves