Is my Op-1 broken, or am I just an idiot?

I have been trying to connect my op1 to my Ipad Air 1 with a lightning to usb camera adapter(, but to no avail. I can connect the op1 to my PC to transfer files back and forth, but I cannot get any midi stuff to work. I bought a used unit that has a broken mic input module(but everything else works fine). I have seen many videos of people connecting an op1 directly to their Ipads with a camera connection kit(which is what I thought I had). I have also tried multiple USB cables. When I connect the Op1 to my Ipad, it is never detected as anything in any of my music apps, even though it is a class compliant device, but I can connect my Circuit just fine to my Ipad Chordion app and play midi just fine. I cannot figure out why the Novation Circuit would be detected in Chordion but not the Op1. Do I need to replace the IO board? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.

the amazon link is the right adapter
it should just show up like most other class compliant devices.
sometimes u may get a “not enough power” type message when u plug it in
i usually turn USB charging off on the OP.
then power on the OP before i connect them.

am i reading right that u are not able to get MIDI to work on your PC either?

Well, if I go to , I can play the patches with the op-1, which is midi, so midi over Chrome works. So I am hoping it is just an IPad Air 1 issue. I turned off the USB Charging on the op1 and just tried it, but it is still not being detected by my Ipad. I have never received a “not enough power message”, even when usb charging was turned on. My IOS is also on 11.4. I just can’t get the device to appear on my IPad.

It is appearing in ableton as OP-1 Midi device, so it comes up there, which is a good sign. I also did a factory reset, but no change.

UPDATE: I hadn’t used my Circuit with my IPad in awhile, and now when I connect the Circuit to the IPad, I cannot get the IPad to detect it either, so it seems like the chord crapped out, which is crazy because I have barely used it and it is not that old.

“The main complaint is that the cord just stops working unexpectedly; its lifespan is about four-to-twelve weeks”