Is my OP-1's speaker blown?

Hi all,

I’ve had my OP-1 for a few months now and I know the internal speaker isn’t known for being the best, but I’m a little concerned mine might be blown out. Apart from being quite quiet and sounding a little thin in general, certain low end tones are pretty much completely inaudible. Is that just a known limitation of the speaker or is mine a lemon?

Just for examples, I’m using the beta OS and these presets are silent even on max volume:
-Base Face
-Fickle Bass
-Inner Space
-Mantra Tones
-Sub Bass

Much appreciated!

There’s no way such a tiny speaker can render bass, one would need a bigger speaker for this.

It’s nice that OP-1 has a speaker, when you show your sound to your friends for instance…
But you cannot do much with it !

That’s good to know, if that’s just how it is then I can deal with it, just seemed like it could have been busted. Thanks!

I can hear bass on my speaker, but maybe these patches are sub sinus ones without any high or mid frequencies…

Hmm. Can anyone confirm either way with those presets?

I can’t check cause on beta OS but worth checking you haven’t eq’d the higher frequencies out in the mixer section.

Did a factory reset just to make totally sure it wasn’t a weird setting somewhere, but nope, still the same.

Can’t you just tweak a bass sound with Pulse maybe. You should be able to hear this. I don’t have my OP-1 here for a check.

I can't check cause on beta OS but worth checking you haven't eq'd the higher frequencies out in the mixer section.

^ This : go to Tape > Mixer EQ section and ensure the Bass isn’t the lowest.

If the speaker was blown, you would have noise I guess.

I’m on the beta and some of the bass sounds are super low sines that don’t come through the baby speaker. You’re probably fine. Or mine is broken too.

These damn sines!