Is my OP-Z a returned unit?

[update: resolved - it was a returned unit, now replaced with a fresh unit]

I’ve had cause to factory reset my OP-Z (it failed to power up). When I did that, some of my noddy projects failed to work - sounds were missing.

So I went back to the backup I took of the OP-Z when it arrived (old nerd habits die hard) and restored the original samples that my projects depended on, notably the one in ‘4-fx/10’ which is called ‘user744380530.aif’.

But then I got to looking around the backup and playing the other samples and found a couple of oddities. ‘3-perc/08/user700580863.aif’ is a grossly distorted voice saying “ass and titties”, which seems an unlikely thing for a company to put on their product.

Does anyone still have the original samples on their OP-Z? Can anyone tell me if they’ve got the same samples? Do I need to go and shout at {redacted until I’ve got more evidence}.com?



Loled at sample content…

Excellent ! Another limited edition i guess. I did a backup the day i received it and no ass and titties


When I received my OP-Z, the cardboard around had been opened, so it was obvious it was a returned unit, that I returned back to the website (I don’t order there anymore).

Was your cardboard opened ? There are chances it wasn’t as you’re asking yourself the question…

I cannot remember. It was last week and I must confess I was super excited and didn’t pay attention. Foolish 49-year old with his new toy.

You would know: cardboard around the OP-Z can be opened once only, PO style.
Was there even cardboard in your case?

I’m not with the packaging right now (on holiday). It was a sliding drawer in a cardboard sleeve, if memory serves and there was a cardboard tab at one end. Like I say, I can’t remember whether I broke the tab or it was already broken,

Cheers harrypooppers. So a trip to is now a part of my holiday (I’m 20 miles away in the North Yorkshire Moors).

“ass and titties” like in the ghettotech anthem?


Was thinking the same exact thing Aeoner… :sweat_smile: as to the question in the OP I’m thinking it’s a returned unit, there’s no other explanation. The only vocal samples that come in the factory pack are a “woo” and “uh” one shot. No “ass” and “titties” or words that I can remember.


update: took unit back to Gear4Music. No arguments or chat, just “sorry, that’s bad, here’s a replacement”. Confirmed this one was unopened. So, not ideal that it happened, but excellent response to the problem.

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Glad you got it sorted and they came through for you. Bloody funny sample story though! "

might post them to, @Sparky and suggest a challenge…

Haha. There - the next OP-Z battle rules are coming together!

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