Is my PO 20 working well?


I just buy my first PO it’s a 20, but gess it don’t work well :sob:.
I select a sound (A) I twick it to make sound B.
But I place sound B in the pattern it play sound A. No way to use the sound I twick…

Can you confirm there is a problem with my device ?
Here is a video more explicite :

Thx for your answers

To place sound B in the grid, you have to first select it with “sound”+B. You can live-record any sounds into the sequence, but only grid record the current selection.

Tweaking sounds works a bit differently on different PO’s.

On the PO-20 you have two options:

  • Record into the sequence live as it’s playing (hold record and press notes / turn knobs)
  • Tweak an individual note by turning on record mode and holding down a step button while tweaking the knobs (I forget whether the sequencer has to be stopped to do this)

The PO-20 does not let you tweak parameters when you’re plugging in steps in the grid (sequencer stopped). The original PO-12 let you do this; they changed behavior for the “second generation” POs


So it’s normal.
Thanks so much for the answer.