Is OPLAB discontinued?

I don’t see it in any shop.

Yes, according to oplab has been discontinued.

Just when I thought it would have been useful, it’s gone :frowning:

Oh sh*t…

It’s been gone for a long time. The OP-Z may prove a good follow up but I have a feeling it won’t exactly replace the OPLab due to Teenage Engineerings aesthetics.

Just when I thought it would have been useful, it's gone :(

story of my life

i have 1 for sale if anyone is interested. PM me! <3

Be interested to see what offers come in etc…
The last one I saw on went for way more than the original rrp.
Here’s the link:
Seems extortionate for what it is.

wow, wish id held onto mine and sold it now that it been discontinued :wink:

love it too much

yeah - i’m selling my used one for under what he sold his, but my new one is just alittle more.

that’s all synced by Oplab.

I hope it will never die.

damn, mine just broke (midi-out port seems busted or something). I never realized how important it was for gluing all of my gear together until it stopped working.

…jeesus. :frowning:

you may take a look at this one from retrokits: i think it would be my alternative if the oplab dies.

edit. iam buying this thing as fast as i can.

RK004 Plain Sync Jane Demo - YouTube

^ Kinda sucks that you need a Raspberry Pi to use it as a USB host.

@Zzzach the good thing is that it only requires the $5 or $10 version of the RPi.